How to Register/Change Mobile Number in Jammu & Kashmir Bank

In today’s time, having a mobile number is the utmost convenience for any human being to stay connected with their kith and kin. However, banking needs have evolved in such a way that you need to stay connected and stay updated with your bank.

Overall, all the banks existing today require a mobile number of customers to help them with the transactions and services they need. Jammu & Kashmir Bank is one of these from the cohort. Let’s know more about the Jammu & Kashmir Bank.

Found in 1938, Jammu and Kashmir Bank is owned by the Government of India and was found by Hari Singh, the king of Jammu & Kashmir. Its headquarter is in Srinagar, and it offers various services such as Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, Debit and Credit Cards, Merchant Services, Phone Banking, and even Instant Payments.

If you are a customer of Jammu & Kashmir Bank and wish to know the ways to change/register your mobile number with the bank, this article is for you. Similar to the other banks, the Jammu & Kashmir Bank offers net banking as well as phone banking facilities. Hence, it is crucial for you to register your mobile number with the bank.

Ways to Update or Register your mobile number in J&K Bank

Step 1: Visit the Jammu and Kashmir Bank

Visit the home branch of the Jammu & Kashmir Bank. Here it is crucial for you to carry your documents along with you. The required documents for registering or changing your mobile number are an Aadhaar Card, Passport, or any other kind of address proof.

Step 2: Get the OTP Form from the Bank

Here you need to meet the relationship manager or the bank executive for obtaining the OTP form.

Step 3: Fill the OTP form Obtained from the Jammu & Kashmir Bank

You have to fill up the OTP form completely with the required details:

  • You will be required to fill in the account number, your name, and Date of birth.
  • In the column given for changing the details, tick on the option to change the registered mobile number.
  • In the below-mentioned option, you will find the option to enter your new mobile number.
  • In the last section, add your signature where required.

update mobile number otp form jk bank

Step 4: Submit the Form to the Bank Executive

After duly signing the form, you can submit the form to the bank executive along with the copies of the required documents.

Step 5: Receive Acknowledgement on your Request

Post the submission of your OTP form, the bank executive will undertake verification on your request.

Step 6: Completion of your Request

Upon the completion of the verification process, you will receive an SMS on your new mobile number within a couple of hours.

Services Contact
Toll-free number 1800 1800 234
Email [email protected]

Key Takeaway

Though the Jammu and Kashmir bank is one of the oldest banks in India, it currently does not facilitate Net Banking services. Hence, you will have to wait till you can change or register your mobile number using Internet banking or phone banking ease.


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