How to Register/Change Mobile Number in DCB Bank

Almost in every part of the world people nowadays use mobile phones. The world is becoming digitised, and we can do almost all our work through our mobile phone, from banking to studying. Almost everybody owns either a smartphone or a normal phone where minimum calls and SMS services are available.

With the world being digitised, various banks also offer facilities that help us do banking from home using our phone very easily. Any transaction of money or payments can be done through a phone. All we need to do is to register our mobile number at the bank.

In the present day, registering a mobile number with a bank has become very important. Whenever there is any transaction, the bank sends the SMS immediately to the registered phone number. They notify the person about the current status of the bank balance.

They also send OTP, bank balance, alert messages for the payments of any pending credit card bills, loans, or EMIs. All these services help to reduce crimes as well. For all these reasons, people should register their mobile number with the banks.

Ways to Register or Change Mobile Number in DCB Bank

1. Steps to Register Mobile Number in DCB Bank Through ATM

  • You can go to DCB Bank’s ATM and register your mobile number from there directly
  • Visit Nearby DCB Bank Atm and insert your ATM card.
  • Now search for contact number Updation option.
  • Now update the new mobile number from there.

For more information, you can also call the customer care toll free number of DCB Bank 1800 209 5363 from the registered mobile number.

Important Note: If the mobile number is already updated at the bank, then you can register your mobile number for SMS banking by sending an SMS REG to 9821878789.

Register or Change Mobile Number in DCB Bank

If you change your mobile number anytime, it is very important to update that number at the bank. You can enjoy uninterrupted SMS services of the bank, and if the mobile number is not updated, you may miss important messages that the bank sends you. This might cause a lot of problems.

You can go to the bank and request to register your mobile number by filling a form which they will provide.

2. Steps to Change Mobile number in DCB Bank by Visiting Branch

  • Visit the home branch of the DCB Bank.
  • You need to carry your ID proof and address proof like Adhar card, passport or voter card, etc.
  • At the bank, look for a Relationship Manager or Bank Executive and ask for the Customer Request form.
  • You need to fill-up the form. Provide all the necessary information mentioned in the form and sign it.
  • Submit the form at the bank along with the documents if they ask for it.
  • After verification of the details provided in the form, they will give you an acknowledgement.
  • The bank will then change the phone number of your account.

dcb bank mobile number update change form

They will let you know once they change the mobile number, either through email or through SMS in your new number. If you don’t receive an email or SMS, then you may contact the bank.

Services Contact
Toll-free Number 1800 209 5363
Email [email protected]

If any circumstance arises where one needs to register/change the mobile number, they can follow the process above.


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