How to Renew Canara Bank Expired ATM Card?

ATM card is now a significant part of our life. That’s why it would be a furious experience if someone’s ATM gets expire. So, today here we brought an explanation for your most essential affair regarding Canara Bank ATM card expiry. All this will be about how one can renew an expired ATM card from Canara Bank.

Usually, ATM cards don’t get expire because of their random use on a daily basis. But sometimes, it can happen when someone has a salary account, and the salary account is no more active. If you are unable to recover your expired ATM card again in active mode, you’ll be pleased as punch with the result we demonstrate here. To know this, keep on reading.

The Reason Behind ATM Card Expiry

In the digital banking world, an ATM facility is an insightful creation of the bank that we can’t think of in our daily life. On an everyday basis, somehow, either way, we need to use our ATM cards. Generally, ATM cards mostly expire when it is no more in use, especially for salary accounts. Companies open salary accounts for their new candidate to get the salary amount straight into the bank account itself.

But, with changing the job or city, people usually close their salary account, or it will turn into an ordinary savings account that will charge a cost. Therefore, the ATM linked with the salary account gets expire without any use. Apart from this, there can be many other reasons for ATM card expiry, and another reason is many bank accounts and their active ATM cards.

Renew Canara Bank Expired ATM Card

The Method For Renewing Expired Canara Bank ATM Card

Canara Bank is astounding in terms of serving its customers with any banking matter. If you are a Canara Bank customer, you’ll know about their quick and effortless service. Canara Bank is intangible with regard to digital banking compared to other banks. However, expired ATM cards of Canara Bank can not be accessible no matter how much astute the bank is. So, if you are looking for a quick fix for your expired Canara Bank ATM card, you’re in the appropriate place.

  1. First of all, if your Canara Bank ATM card expires, the bank automatically takes care of the matter and informs you about it with a notification message on your registered mobile number. The information confirms that the ATM was working. The bank will send you the new ATM to your given address, and meantime, you can personally check on it on Speed Post.
  2. Apart from this way, you can visit your nearest Canara Bank branch and ask to renew your expired ATM card. The branch staff will ask you a few questions regarding the frequency of the usage of your ATM card and will verify the same. After the verification, the bank will provide a new ATM card form for you to fill out and submit with self-attestation. Once the form is processed, you will be notified with a message sent by the Canara Bank branch saying the ATM card you will receive within 7-15 days.
  3. If you notice within 30 days that your Canara Bank ATM gets expired and despite that did not receive any notification of getting a new ATM, you can visit the bank branch and apply for a new ATM card. The bank will suggest replacing your expired ATM card with a new ATM. The new ATM card will reach within 15 banking days after applying.
  4. Also, if you are unable to visit the Canara Bank branch for any reason, you can call Canara Bank customer care and report for expiring your ATM card. You can get the customer care numbers from Canara Bank’s official website. Other than that, we are mentioning two of the numbers here. The numbers are 18002083333 and 18004250018.
Services Contact
Toll-Free Number 1800 425 0018
1800 103 0018
1800 208 3333
1800 3011 3333
Calling From Outside India +91-80-22064232


Canara Bank is a public sector bank that covers every little aspect of banking for its customers. In such a state of ATM card expiry, Canara Bank is always present with the best solution. So, if you are looking for a proper solution to renew your Canara Bank expired Atm card, you must utilize the methods mentioned above.

The ATM card expiry won’t affect your main Canara Bank savings account, and of course, it will be safe after the ATM card expiry date. You can continue the bank account even with a new ATM card. If you want to know the expiry date in advance, check it on the ATM card.

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