How To Know CVV Number On SBI Debit Card

State Bank of India (SBI) is a public bank that observes the principles presented by the Reserve Bank of India. The bank has been passing on accommodated facilities and services to its customers in the public banking region. Having an account in an SBI is means getting a hand out of a lot of services and offers that are offered by them.

Having an account in SBI infers that you will have the alternative to get to the colossal number of offers and offices that they offer. One such facility given by the State Bank of India is the CVV number on the debit card.

There are two sorts of Cards that are typically utilized by people. One of them is a debit card, and the other one is a credit card. In the debit card, an individual works with the cash which is now in his account, and in a credit card, an individual receives an acknowledgement from a bank for a specific timeframe. This article will discuss how you can discover the CVV number of your SBI Debit Card.

SBI debit card can be utilized for a wide scope of exchanges. For all the offline exchanges, you just require your ATM pin, while for all the online exchanges, you require to have the expiry date of the card alongside the CVV number. Without these details above, it is difficult to make online exchanges with the card.

Steps to Find the CVV number On SBI debit card

Reading and receiving the CVV number from the SBI debit card is pretty simple. Almost all account holders in the State Bank of India have or have applied for debit cards. For almost any transaction mode that needs the use of the debit card, the CVV number is of utmost importance. The following are the steps to read the CVV number from the debit card.

CVV number is a security code that empowers secure exchanges. Without the CVV Code, it is difficult to execute a transaction on the web or online. CVV represents Card Verification Value, and it is typically a three-digit code. For this situation, the exception is the American Express Card, for which the CVV code is a four digits code.

cvv number sbi debit card

To discover the CVV code, turn to the card’s posterior or the backside of the ATM card. The CVV code is normally referenced underneath the magnetic strip. It is right across the signature strip. In the new cards, the signature strip is missing. Subsequently, you can locate the three-digit code just beneath the magnetic strip.


The State Bank of India is one of the finest banks available in India. The bank is known for the large number of services and facilities it provides. One such facility is the use of SBI debit cards for online transactions. To perform an online transaction with a debit card, one needs to know the card’s CVV number. Here in this article, we talked about what the CVV number is and where to find it.


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