How to Check PNB ATM Card Tracking Status Online

We always know the bank is a financial institution that saves us from any monetary complication that may arise in the future or works as a support system for daily purposes. Naturally, people will choose the best bank for a better future. People are privileged by both private and government banks. Now, banking is getting modern day by day in terms of financial access and facilities that one can use.

Each bank has its own website to handle banking for its customers so that they will find a solution for their needs. A bank has facilities like savings account openings, business banking, NRI banking, instant loan, personal banking, etc. Likewise, the bank’s website offers the same facilities that you can utilize at your ease.

Currently, there are 34 nationalized banks in India, of which 12 are Indian government banks, and the rest 22 are private sector banks. Punjab National Bank is one of the public sector and the second largest government-owned banks on the list. It’s the scheduled public sector bank that was founded in May 1894 and has grown so much in these 128 years. Punjab National Bank has 12,248 branches and 13,000+ ATMs.

And after being introduced to new generational digital banking and its amenities of debit cards, credit cards, and e-wallets, people live it effortlessly. These ATM cards or debit cards made human’s life much more sustainable. Therefore we can’t even think of financial functions without it. In the case of every transaction, we need an ATM card so that we don’t have to be in the bank every time we need money.

The ATM Cards and Their Usefulness

After starting the digitation in the banking arena, ATM cards/Debit cards were the first thing a bank invented. A chip attached to the ATM card makes transactions effortless, and it is of use for withdrawing cash from an ATM. Other than this, the debit card is easy, convenient, and hassle-free in terms of use anytime and anywhere you are. There’s a little difference between the ATM card and the debit card.

Both require a personal identification number to work for your need and are linked directly to your bank account. So that every time you make a payment or withdraw cash, your fund deduct from your account. Punjab National Bank has the same facilities as its’ ATM card and is also used as a debit card. The customer who has a Punjab National Bank account can apply for PNB debit/ATM card at once. If you have applied for a PNB ATM card and want to track the details, then this article is very useful for you.

Steps to Check PNB ATM Card Tracking Status Online

The bank will allow you to get PNB ATM Card once you submit all your credentials at the Punjab National Bank. After verifying, all the credentials bank will send the ATM card to you via Speed Post.

Now here you must be wondering how you can track the speed post for your ATM card and the status of how far will it be reached. So here we came up with the steps and methods for you to check the PNB ATM Card tracking status.

Step 1: At the beginning, open the Chrome browser to search for the India Speed Post tracking. Here, many options will appear. Click on the very first option here, where it is written It’s the India post website’s link.

Step 2: After opening the website you can see a search bar asking for your consignment number. PNB will provide a consignment number on your registered mobile number received from speed post. Put the Consignment number on the search bar and type the Captcha given below. Click on the search button right beside the search bar.

pnb atm debit card tracking

Step 3: A new interface will appear with the tracking details. Here you can see how far your ATM has reached and how many days are left to get it. You can see here the date, time, and exact location. It will show you when did it dispatch, the destination pin code, and the delivery location.

pnb atm location tracking

The Indian Speed Post tracking service will show you the details of your ATM with every event detail from the branch office, where it might get dispatched, and dispatching date, etc. Here, you will be able to understand the tracking method only in three steps. The tracking service of the India post is easy as pie people can find the product’s situation by sitting at home most comfortably.

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People are always looking for an easy way out to make work done. And the digitalization of online platforms made it possible in every form. Thus, the Punjab National Bank performs smoothly to deliver the best service to its customers across the country.

Now, if you are already an account holder in Punjab National Bank, then you should utilize the facility of debit/ATM cards. It will definitely facile your journey for financial transactions and make you fall in love with the idea of shopping.

We know the needs people are looking for and the problem-solving information. So, here we are with the information you are looking for right in front of you. Here is another option for knowing the tracking status of your PNB debit card.

If you are still unable to know the PNB ATM tracking status, you can unambiguously communicate with the PNB customer care toll-free number at 18001802345 or 1800 103 2222. Direct conversation with the PNB agent can make a way out.

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