How To Track UTR Number Status in SBI Online

The State Bank of India is one of the major banks in our country. This bank follows the norms and rules stated by the Reserved Bank of India. This bank has been operational for a longer period of time and has been satisfying its clients throughout the years. The State Bank of India is known for its large range of facilities and services that they provide to better their clients.

Here in this article, we will talk about one such facility that is provided by the SBI. The facility we are talking about is the UTR Number.

What is UTR?

UTR number represents the Unique Transaction Reference number. It is utilized for distinguishing a specific exchange in India. It is a unique number produced for perceiving any asset movement or transaction made by the bank that encourages the exchange. It might look something like XXXXR520190109599036XX. The beginning characters will change depending upon your bank.

The principal use for a UTR number is to recognize and screen monetary exchanges. UTR number can be utilized to follow your asset moves if they are trapped, taking additional time than expected, or on the off chance that you simply need to allude to a prior exchange.

In India, UTR is created while moving cash between two ledgers. There are two techniques for moving assets between accounts held in various banks in India. They are NEFT and RTGS. UTR is produced both in NEFT and RTGS exchanges.

Why is UTR important?

So we can say that the primary reason for the UTR is to follow the status of the monetary transaction.

As is demonstrated by its name, the UTR number is a unique number. So every exchange has a special number. That is why just the UTR can assist you with getting the transaction status since different details in exchange might be equivalent to the details of another exchange.

This UTR is the most basic piece of information about the transaction than some other details. It rearranges the cycle to follow the exchange. Additionally, the UTR encourages you and the bank agent to get total data, particularly when you find that the exchange is stuck someplace.

How to Track Your UTR Status in SBI Online

To follow the UTR of SBI exchange online, you need to visit the SBI Net Banking. Utilize your SBI Banking ID and password to get to your account on the web.

Step 1: First, Login SBI net banking account using your username and password.

online sbi login

Step 2: Here tap on the Request and Enquiries tab and Select the Status Enquiry option.

status enquiry online sbi

Step 3: Further, select specific transaction info and click the view button.

date range for transaction status

Step 4: in front of the reference number, click on the ‘click here‘ link.

reference number sbi online

Step 5: At that point, you can get the UTR number and status of your NEFT or RTGS exchange.

utr number status online sbi


The State Bank of India is one of the major banks in the country. The bank has been operational for a longer duration of time and provides several facilities to its clients. One such facility is the use of UTR Number. Here in this article, we discussed in detail what UTR is and how to receive it.


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