How to Find CIF Number/Customer ID in Canara Bank

Being one of the juggernauts in the public sector of Indian banking Canara bank has to keep a record of every customer. Because two customers might have a similar name but two different faces along with two different customer IDs or Customer Information File (CIF).

CIF Number is a digitally generated code of 11 digit number used by every bank to individualize their customers from one another to avoid mismatching. CIF is a piece of unique information to every account holder as a primary key to data including personal pieces of information, and financial transactions.

In short, it consists of information regarding the account holder’s Name, Address, Occupation, and Bank account statements history.

It was a big deal to have a customer ID before. But, now as per RBI guidelines, every bank (private or public) has to deliver CIF to all of the account holders as soon as they open an account offline or online.

The main benefit is that you can have only one CIF for multiple accounts. Thus, you can access multiple accounts with a single code. For a better prediction, online retailers use Customer File as a marketing tool including previous purchases.

Important Note: The CIF Number is mainly required in case you need to transfer your account from one branch to another. It is also required during the internet banking registration process online. CIF number, User ID and Customer ID in Canara bank are same.

Now, let’s suppose you are a Canara Bank account holder and have lost your Customer ID. Here, we will tell you about how to find it. Here we are going to tell you ways to find Canara Bank CIF number offline or online.

Find Canara Bank CIF Number/Customer ID Online

If you avail of internet banking services, log in to your Canara Bank account, and you will find the number you are looking for with other banking details including your personal information. Also, The number can be found on the account statement.

Let’s assume you are out of the station, you are carrying no passbook or cheque book with you, and there is no Canara Bank branch near you to visit, and you are in need of the CIF number as it is urgent.

The prime thing you would do is call at their toll-free number and enquire. Thus, Canara Bank’s toll-free customer care number is 18004250018.

canara bank cif number in passbook

Find Canara Bank CIF Number/Customer ID offline

Look out for the CIF number on the very front page of your passbook, it is printed just below your other account details including Address.

You will receive both the cheque book and the passbook within 15 days from the opening of your bank account, and if you go through the front page of the cheque book you can find the Customer ID.

If the methods mentioned above do not work simply rush to the nearest Canara Bank branch and ask for the CIF number. In this case, you need to produce your account number to the bank officials.


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