How to Know CIF Number in Central Bank of India Account Online

With the advent of modern technology, banking sector introduced digital banking services. Digital banking services have removed the hassles faced during traditional banking. With the recognizable improvements in the banking sectors, the customers have got relief.

Introduction of CIF number in banking services is worth considering. Every bank provides a unique CIF number to its customers. Banks have their unique set of CIF numbers. It refers Customer Information File number which indicates to an electronic file. This digital file stores personal details and account details of the account holder.

CIF number has a high significance in the banking sector, and every account holder must have info about CIF number. If you have an account with Central Bank of India, you need to obtain your CIF number from the CBI bank. Central Bank of India assigns a set of 11 digits as the CIF number.

cif number of central bank of india in net banking

How to obtain your CIF number?

  • Open the front page of the passbook and search for the CIF number printed on the first page.
  • Open the front page of your chequebook and search for CIF number printed on the first page.
  • Login to Internet Banking services using your User ID and Password. On top of the home screen, you will get the CIF number.
  • You can also get the CIF number printed on your account statement.
  • You can obtain your CIF number by making a call to customer care at 1800221911. Provide your account details as demanded by the customer care executive and you can get the CIF number upon request.
  • You can request the Account Executive at the bank branch to obtain your CIF number. Provide your account number and identity proof for verification. The Account Executive will provide you the CIF number.

cif number in cbi app

CIF number of every account holder is quite helpful for the banking officials. It is easier to track account information, transaction details and personal details of the account holder through CIF number. Obtaining the CIF number, you can easily transfer your account to any other branch. CIF number is also helpful in mobile banking.

The ways mentioned above are the best ways to find CIF number in Central Bank of India. Finding your CIF number from passbook and chequebook are the easiest ways. If you have multiple accounts at the same bank, the bank will assign you CIF number only once. Multiple accounts at Central Bank of India would get linked to the single CIF number.


  1. How can I login for net banking.what I fill in ID and password.Can cif no is password and account number is ID ?

  2. Hi
    How can I get CIF number of CBI
    And can I get a user ID and CIF number
    Please assist me with this.
    Thank you

  3. The simplest thing to get your CIF number is to visit your home branch bank and ask them for the same they will provide it. It helps to generate ATM PIN and in the registration of Cent Mobile app etc.

  4. Sar ji mujhe net banking ke liye CIF number chahie number chahie net banking Bank statement nikaalne ke liye bhi CIF number chahie

  5. My CIF number is 7032519756 when I insert my CIF number as Users Id while activating internet banking I am told it doesn’t match. Please guide me

  6. Sir mjhue mera passbook details chahiye Central Bank of India men
    Jamnagar pipli khata kholwaya kyone ke mai abhi Bihar Hoon or main ja nahi sakta please send me my password book detail.

  7. worst service ever.i called customer care for my CIF number cause i needed it urgently,they are hanging my call for 30 minutes and no reply should be awarded as shitiest bank ever.

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