How to Find CIF/Customer ID Number of Allahabad Bank

Customer Integrity comes with a chapter of experience, and experience is time. Allahabad Bank is the oldest joint stock bank in India to fulfill that space well, where experience is the mirror image of reliability.

CIF or Customer File Information symbolizes that integrity by maintaining the chain of keeping records of individual customers of the bank. The CIF id mainly deals with the records regarding transactions, bank statements, and the number of accounts owned as more than one account can be manipulated using a single code of 11 digits.

Other than the banking details, it keeps a track of the customer’s personal information. Every story, situation or context craves for a summary, and CIF is the summary of all the activities related to the customer.

Allahabad Bank deals with two different types of CIFs: Individual and Related CIF. Individual CIF keeps the record of all the pieces of information regarding a customer who is directly related to the account.

Suppose, you are a direct and single account holder of Allahabad Bank, thus, Individual Customer ID will deal with all kind of information related to you.

Related CIF keeps the track of any information regarding the joint account holder, it can be you who is directly related to the account, or it can be someone whose name comes after you in the list of nominees.

Let us suppose, you have unfortunately lost the Customer Identification Number, and you are in need of the number as you need to complete the registration process of the Net Banking Facility soon. What would you do in the hour of the rush?

As every problem comes with a solution itself, this has its solutions too, and it can be divided into two methods. Here we are going to tell you the ways to find Allahabad CIF number online or offline.

Find Allahabad Bank Cif Number/Customer Id Online

Let us talk about the worst-case scenario. You are in the middle of nowhere with no bank nearby, you are not carrying any documents related to your bank, and you need to get done with the registration process of online banking, or you are in need of your CIF no.

The convenient most thing you could do during this situation is to call at their toll-free number and enquire. The toll-free number of Allahabad Bank is 18005722000.

find Allahabad bank cif number

Find Allahabad Bank Cif Number/Customer Id offline

In search of the Customer File, go through your passbook or checkbook as you will be receiving both of the documents within 15 days from the commencement of your account in Allahabad Bank. If scrutinized properly, you can find the number on the very front page of your received documents.

In case of any of the methods mentioned above do not work, go to the nearest branch of Allahabad Bank and enquire about your Customer File ID from the branch manager by producing your account number.

CIF no. nowadays is generated digitally as soon as you open an account. However, a hard copy exists as well containing relevant documents making it the central point of customer data.


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