5 Ways to Know IDBI Bank Customer ID

IDBI Bank provides its customers with many opportunities related to banking services. Customer ID is one of the amazing services that have been introduced to make the banking experience is here for the customers. The customer ID is also known as the CIF number of the customer. It is basically a virtual or digital file that contains all the essential banking details of the respective account holder.

Apart from this, it can easily get decoded by the bank to retrieve all the financial as well as personal information of the customer. Every account of a customer to a particular bank is linked with the same customer ID. Let’s find the solution by knowing about how to find IDBI bank customer id.

In simple words, it can be stated that if you are having a customer ID then with the help of it you can easily open a new account in the bank and you will not be needed to provide any sort of additional documents in the bank.

Now, are you also one of those looking out for your customer id? Well, getting the customer ID of IDBI bank is a quite and simpler task to perform. As we have stated that the customer ID helps the user in linking all the accounts to one whether they are saving, loan, current, RD, or FD as well.

Ways to get the Customer id in IDBI bank

1. Check Out Your Passbook

When you open an account in the IDBI Bank, you get a bank account passbook in which you get all the transactions recorded. At the front page of your passbook, you will get your customer id in. You can easily check out your passbook and get it from there.

2. Check Out Your Checkbook

Another amazing method that you can not forget your customer id of IDBI bank is checking out the checkbook. After opening the account, you will there is a way welcome kit from the bank that contains the checkbook and other some with documents. On the checkbook, the customer ID is always printed.

idbi bank customer id in passbook

3. Check out the bank Statements

If you are not having your bank checkbook or passbook then all you need to do is to download your online bank statement. At the top of the statement, your customer id will help be implemented.

4. Call to IDBI Customer Care toll-free number/Email

Customers can also contact IDBI Toll-free numbers from the registered mobile number and ask for your account customer ID details.


[email protected]

5. Visit the bank branch

In case, any of the above-given method not working then also you are having a chance to get your customer id. Just visit the bank and provide them the details like your account number, registered mobile number, UID number and then the authorities will provide you details regarding your customer id.

Services Contact details
Toll-free number 1800-209-4324
Email [email protected]
Head office IDBI Bank Ltd.
IDBI Tower, WTC Complex,
Cuffe Parade, Colaba, Mumbai 400005.


Hence, these are some of the methods that you can adopt for getting the IDBI Bank customer ID without having any complexities. Also, you can make use of it for a smoother experience at any time for sure.


  1. Nope ! Customer care does not share customer ID. This blog doesn’t help everyone know CIF on passbook , checkbook but when you don’t have any of these what should you do then that’s the real problem….

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