5 Ways To Get Customer Id in HDFC Bank

Do you want to get your customer ID in the HDFC Bank? Are you looking for the right procedure? Then you are at the right spot. Basically, the customer ID is a number which is offered by bank official for their customers.

This ID or number is the same as that of the account number of HDFC bank. This customer ID or number is used as the internet banking stuff in most of the situations. When you try to login to the internet bank account, then you must enter your customer ID without any fail.

Suppose you haven using the internet banking option, then surely you must know your user ID or customer ID. In the checkbook and the welcome letter, your official customer ID will be mentioned.

Along with that, you can also found it in the account statement and passbook. The customer is will be given for the person those who hold current on saving accounts in HDFC bank. Below, you can find the procedure of how to get customer id in HDFC bank. Follow it and grab the impacts.

Procedure to Get Customer ID in HDFC bank Online or Offline

There are three possibilities are available for the customers to get their ID without any issues.

Method 1: Get HDFC Customer ID online

Step 1: Initially, you have to visit the official website of HDFC Bank and then proceed with the NetBanking option. Below the continue option, you have to click the ‘Forgot Customer ID‘ link.

forgot customer id hdfc bank

Step 2: In the phone number section, you have to enter your official and registered number. Then you have to enter your DOB. The date of birth you are going to enter must be the same as present in the bank records.

Then your PAN card number must be entered out there without any mistake. After that, click the continue option and then you have to complete the security check process.

retrieve hdfc customer id online

Step 3: Then you have to check you’re mobile for official OTP and then proceed further. In order to complete the authentication process, you have to enter the official OST on your website

At last, you can find the customer ID available on your desktop

Method 2: Get HDFC customer ID via Account statement

At any point in time, you can able to get the bank account statement of the HDFC bank account. Then you can able to check out the customer ID which would be printed on the bank account statement very effectively.

Method 3: Get HDFC Customer ID in Passbook

Customer ID can be found on the front page of the HDFC Passbook easily. You can also install an online HDFC passbook and check the same.

get customer id in hdfc passbook

Method 4: Get HDFC Customer ID in Cheque Book and Welcome Letter

If you are an old customer, you can also check customer id in Cheque book and new customers can check customer id in the welcome letter.

Method 5: Get HDFC customer ID via visiting the home branch

If you feel the above four methods are uncomfortable for you, then sure you can directly visit your home branch and find how to get customer id in HDFC bank.

Initially, you have to visit the home branch of the bank where you have been maintaining the bank account. Then you can discuss with any bank staff and ask them that you want to get your customer ID.

At that time, you have to give some details to find the ID very easily. Immediately they will help you and you can get the ID.


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