How to Register/Change Mobile Number in IDBI Bank

Due to the rise in Fraud in the banking sector, the bank started to inform all of its customers to register or change mobile number with the bank to stay protected and prevent unauthorized access to our bank account. Registering a mobile number with the bank will make our bank account more secure and trouble-free.

Ways To Register/Change Mobile Number in IDBI bank

Today we can register a mobile number with the bank in many ways, and register a number with IDBI bank is an easy process if we follow the steps.

We can register our mobile number Through ATM or visit the nearest IDBI bank branch by filling the registration form given by the bank.

1. By Visiting Branch

  • Visiting your IDBI home branch and ask for Contact details Updation form.
  • You have to fill the form with correct information. Don’t forget to enter the correct new mobile number.
  • Now you have to submit the filled form with photocopies of Aadhar and pan card.
  • The new mobile number will be updated in your account. Confirmation SMS will be sent to your new mobile number.

2. Through ATM

  • Visit nearby IDBI ATM and insert your ATM card.
  • From the ATM menu, select the ‘services‘ option.
  • Next, select the ‘update mobile number‘ option.
  • Now you have to enter the new mobile number. then click the continue button.
  • Re-enter the new mobile number and click the confirm button. Your mobile number will be updated successfully.

Register or Change Mobile Number in IDBI Bank

3. Register new number for IDBI missed call banking

To register your new mobile number for missed call banking, type ‘REG Account Number‘ send it to 5676777 or 9820346920 / 9821043718. Confirmation SMS will be sent after a successful registration.

Services Number
Toll-free number 1800-209-4324 or
Email ID [email protected]
Missed Call Banking Registration Send ‘REG Account Number’ to 5676777 or 9820346920 / 9821043718

Every bank has different ways of a process to change or register a mobile number. To prevent fraud and stay protected, it is very important nowadays for every person to update or register the mobile number with the bank.

We all have a bank account nowadays, and many of us have multiple accounts. Due to the rise in a banking account, the rise in banking fraud also increases but IDBI bank, a trusted bank with the highest security, will always try to provide the best security to banking customers, and to give this security, we need to provide our mobile number to register with the bank to stay protected. A registered mobile number will provide each banking customer with a message whenever a secured transaction happens from the bank account.

A secured transaction means an authenticated transaction. Whenever a registered mobile number is with the bank, any money going out from the bank account to another person’s bank account, the person who is sending the money will get a text or message from the bank mentioning a transaction happened with full information. Creating trust with the bank and preventing any kind of fraud.

A registered mobile number will provide easy bank account access without visiting the bank. The bank will send all the information related to the transaction to the bank account statement to the registered mobile number 24×7 round the clock. If anyone breaks into the bank account, then the bank will notify instantly to the customers. We can also track everyday transactions, and this will help in the long run for saving.

To Sum It Up

To stay protected from any banking scam or fraud, we need to register our mobile number with the bank. Register a mobile number will also help us use mobile banking services because to activate mobile banking, the bank will send a one-time password to activate the account.

Even a registered mobile number will help if we misplaced or lost a debit card. This registered mobile number will work to bring out the account details of the customers. The person will also be able to receive a notification if there is any transaction taking place from the debit card which was lost or stolen.


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