How to Close Bank of Baroda Account

Bank account closing is a very daunting task for sure. If you have a bank account that you don’t use anymore for money transactions or anything, you should close the account. It’s a fact there are many people who think if one will withdraw all money and doesn’t use the bank account, the bank account will be close automatically, as no one is going to transact from it.

But it is totally a wrong interpretation. It could be the other way around that since you have not closed your previous bank account, now you can not open a new one, as a person can not open a new bank account with a similar name and data while the previous bank account in the same branch has existed. It is every bank’s rule.

Many people have multiple bank account which was open by their companies. Here, the bank converts the salary accounts into a regular savings account after few months for irregularity of salary credits. However, every savings bank account needs to have at least a minimum balance in it and, if you can not maintain it, you will charge with penalties. Thus, it is better to have a fewer bank account, so no one has to continue them with a minimum balance.

Therefore, to save extra charges and penalties, closing a dormant account is levied. Bank of Baroda is one of the best-nationalized banks that gives excellent facilities to its customers for having a great experience. From online money transactions to digital bill payments everything is done with one click through your phone. Though there are many reasons behind closing a bank account, a must reason can be an unused bank account.

Steps before Closing the bank account permanently

There are few points a person needs to know before closing the bank account permanently.

  • D-link all the debits linked with the bank account.
  • If any insurance or loans are with the previous account, you have to clear them immediately.
  • You have to provide different account details to debit for the lender if in case you have any reimbursements of installments or invest with the old bank account before close.
  • All credit cards need to d-link. And it will take at least 7-8 days to close all the links officially.

Steps for Bank of Baroda account closure

You can proceed to close your bank account only after the clearance procedure, as no pending will be there. Here are the detailed steps for the bank account closing.

Step 1: You can not close your bank account online, but you can download the closure form from the internet BOB official site. Visit the home branch of the Bank of Baroda to process the job.

Step 2: Fill the form step by step with proper data. Use the data that you used while opening the Bank of Baroda account. Put all the information as the form requires in the right places and observe where it requires the block letter format and fills that space accordingly.

close bank of baroda account

Step 3: In the form, you have to mention why you want to close the account. The form will ask for the customer’s signature. Sign in the accurate place. The signature should match with the one you give at the time of account opening.

Step 4: Check every step you cleared before submitting it to the branch manager. Then, Submit the checkbook and the passbook along with the form.

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However, BOB account closure is a little too wide easy if it is running. But, an abandoned account closing is hard to do as there are no traces of it. Therefore, you have to reactivate it to close it officially. BOB has some rules to close an old account. You have to have a minimum balance that will be charged during the closure.

Or else, you have to credit the amount in that account. This processing will take 7-8 bank working days, and then you will get a notification over your phone confirming the bank account close. We hope the steps mentioned here will be helpful to you, and you will be looking forward to more information related to banking. To know more contact us.

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