How to Close Bank of Maharashtra Account

People usually have a tendency not to close a bank account until it brings any bad situation. Though, the bank always says to close the account properly if it’s not in use so that no one has to face any unacceptable circumstances. However, the Bank of Maharashtra is undoubtedly a great bank with lots of modern facilities, and people also like its service.

But if you are not using your account for the longest time for any reason, your bank account will be dormant, and thus you need to close it. In such a case, you have to reactive your dormant account to close it permanently. You might be thinking bank account closing sounds very hectic full and problematic. Then, you must know in today’s fastest generation, bank account opening and closing are easy.

There can be so many reasons you might choose to close your bank account. The two reasons are essential, one is if the bank account is your salary account and you are changing your job, and another one is if you have so many accounts that you can not able to manage multiple bank accounts with a minimum balance range. Now, you know the most important reasons, you can determine your point of emergence according to that.

Bank of Maharashtra is one of the well-known banks that takes initiative to offer every possible service to its customer. There are 1900 branches of the Bank of Maharashtra that serve its customers throughout the year, throughout the month. But, if you have faced unpleasant behavior from any of these branch staff, you can change the branch as soon as possible. Still, if you decided to close the Bank of Maharashtra account, you only need to follow some steps.

Steps to Close Bank of Maharashtra Account

We cover the steps to close your bank account here thoroughly. Make sure you are not trying to close your bank account through any online method or call. It won’t be work, as the customer service provider also will tell you to go to the home branch for this processing. Any bank has the same procedure for closing the bank account.

Step 1: Visit the home branch of the Bank of Maharashtra and ask for the account closure form from the branch staff. Before starting the form fill it up, go through the form appropriately.

Important note: Don’t forget to carry the vital data and id proof with you as necessary.

Step 3: Fill the form with every detail as it is at the time of opening this bank account, like id proof and address proof.

Step 4: Give the prominence by putting account number, name of the account holder, IFSC code, customer id(if needed), etc.

Step 5: Attach your KYC form and other documents related to KYC.

Close Bank of Maharashtra Account

Step 6: Clear your account balance by transferring it to your different account. Thus, you have to put the detail of the other bank account in that form so that bank can proceed to the left amount transfer.

Step 7: If you have any pending loans, credit cards, EMIs, you need to clear all these things in one go, and there you can move forward to close the bank account.

Step 8: Surely, you have to finish all blanks given above in the closure form and sign it at the end. Sign with your original style. Do not short the form and type your full name.

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We believe these all are the steps that you need to know for closing your bank account. Make sure you write an application for the D-link procedure to the Bank of Maharashtra bank manager. Before submitting the closure form, you need to re-check everything you have filled and attach the KYC form and the d-link application with it.

This procedure will take approximately one week within the bank office hours. Once your account close, the bank will send a notification type message to your registered mobile number to inform you about it.

Now, we think you have found it a smoother and effortless process to close the bank account. Last but not least, keep it in mind to visit the bank branch in person and assure the branch manager of a valid reason for closing the bank account. We are always here to assist you in further bank inquiries. Contact us for the same.

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