4 Ways to Register/Change the mobile number in HDFC Bank

Mobile phones have made our lives very easy. In the past two to three decades, much technological advancement has been made. Our mobile phones have evolved over the years. It is not just a device for calling and sending texts to one another. We do a lot of our daily work through phones.

Why should you register your mobile number in your Bank Account?

Big banks like HDFC Banks, where thousands of people have their accounts, always ask for registering the mobile number. This helps you in many ways and keeps your account secured. Every time you withdraw, deposit or spend money, you will get messages instantly from the bank.

1. Register mobile number in HDFC Bank for SMS banking

It is easy to register your mobile number with HDFC bank for missed calls and SMS banking. You need to send an SMS to 5676712. Type in the capital the word REGISTER give a space then write your customer ID then give space again and write the last five digits of your bank account number.

After you send the message, you will get a reply from the bank, and the number from which the message was sent will be registered with your account.

2. Register/Change the mobile number at HDFC Bank ATM

If you change your old number, which was already registered at the bank, do not fret. You can very easily change your number at the bank. For registering a new mobile number, follow the steps given below-

  1. Go to the nearest HDFC Bank ATM with your debit card.
  2. Insert the card and select the language according to your convenience.
  3. Select the main menu, go to more options and click it.
  4. Select ‘update registered mobile number.’
  5. After selecting the option, enter your new mobile number and click on ‘confirm.’
  6. You need to re-enter the number and confirm it again.
  7. Then, you enter your PIN. Your request will be accepted.

Register/Change the mobile number at HDFC Bank ATM

Your new mobile number will be updated within 24-hours to two days. After the update is done, the bank will let you know that your number has been updated through an SMS.

3. Change Mobile number through Net Banking Online

You can also update or change your mobile number at HDFC Bank through Net Banking. To change your mobile number through Net Banking, follow the steps given below-

  1. Open the HDFC Bank official website.
  2. Then Login in to enter the Net Banking page.
  3. Go to ‘Update contact details.
  4. Download ‘Email ID update form‘.
  5. Fill in and submit the form to the branch.

hdfc bank mobile number change form

4. Visit the Bank to change the number

Apart from this you can physically go to the bank and change the mobile number.

1. Go to the home branch of your bank.
2. Ask for the form to change your mobile number. you can also download it online.
3. Fill in the form with proper details and write your new mobile number. Put your signature in the form and submit it.
4. The bank, after they receive your request, the bank will verify all the details you have provided.

Services Contact
Toll-free number Check official site hdfcbank.com
Email [email protected]
SMS Banking Registration Number 5676712

Then they will change your mobile number. Once your mobile number is changed, they will let you know through SMS. But this process may take more time than the above mentioned other two processes.


      • I want Cheng pone nbr bacaus I am in metarnity mother I can’t go branch plz I loss my old nbr Cheng me old nbr -89514576 my new nbr-89068923 this I wan to update

  1. Plz I lost my old number miss my new number 83442492 this I can update plz mobile bank use I am waiting for sir piz piz

  2. Change my number register mobile number mera sim kharab ogaya mey abhi army duty may jaruri hain paisa bejna hain

  3. In this technological age, why does this bank still need a form filled in?
    Not only that then take it to a branch? What’s that all about? When you can do internet banking? Isn’t the point of internet banking so you don’t have to visit a branch? I can only imagine the person that thought this one up. Who thought it was a good idea hasn’t moved fully into trusting computers and internet banking. Why download a form? It’s so old-fashioned.

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