How to Register/Change Mobile Number in South Indian Bank

In this digitalization era, every sector is getting digitized nowadays. Advancement in technology has made various things easy and simple for people. Everything is getting digitized whether it’s education, health, or any other sector. Like all other sectors, the banking sector has also digitized with the advent of net banking and phone banking. All the banks nowadays are providing net banking and phone banking facilities for the convenience of their customers.

And it enables you to easily carry out the transactions so for that it is required to register your mobile number with your bank to avail advantages of online banking services. Sometimes due to certain reasons, you are required to change or update your registered mobile number. In today’s article, we’ll cover how to register/change the mobile number in South Indian Bank.

South Indian Bank is a famous private sector bank in India. Its headquarters are established at Thrissur in the state of Kerala. South Indian Bank has 924 branches, 4 service branches, 53 extension counters, and 20 Regional Offices spread across the country.

Without any further delay, let’s begin with a guide on how to change and update your mobile number in South India.

Steps to change/update your mobile number in South Indian Bank

You can change/update your mobile number through two methods i.e. through visiting the South Indian Bank branch and another via ATM.

1. Register/Change SIB Mobile Number through Branch

For changing or updating your mobile number in South Indian Bank through the branch, follow the steps mentioned below-

Step 1: Visit the home branch of South Indian Bank with essential documents like the photocopy of the Aadhaar Card, PAN, and similar documents.

Step 2: Approach the South Indian Bank employee and ask for the KYC Details Change form for changing the mobile number.

Step 3: Fill in the KYC Details Change Form carefully. For changing the mobile number, this filling up process is crucial. Be cautious while filling up the form as any sort of carelessness in filling the details may lead to the cancellation of the form.

Step 4: Write your new Mobile Number in the given space. Check the mobile number you are filling in is correct, consists of valid 10 digits, and should be in use.

Step 5: Put your Signature wherever required. The signature should match with the signature you provided while opening your bank account.

Register or Change Mobile Number in South Indian Bank

Step 6: Submit the form to the South Indian Bank employee after duly filling the form. Sometimes they may ask for a copy of your identity or address proof like Adhaar, PAN card, so keep the copy of that with you in case of being asked for it.

Step 7: After submitting your KYC form with the Bank Executive, he will check if your form is duly filled or not. If he finds the form consists of the required information, he will verify it.

Step 8: Once the verification is done, South Indian Bank will update your Mobile Number in your account and in the bank records within a few hours.

After your mobile number is changed in your account and bank records, South Indian Bank will send the notification either via SMS on your new mobile number or email within a few hours. And if you do not get any notification, contact your branch regarding this issue and check if the changes are processed.

2. Register/Change SIB Mobile Number Through ATM

To change/update your mobile number in South India via ATM follow the steps mentioned below:-

Step 1: Go to the nearest South Indian Bank ATM machine and put your ATM card in the machine. Β Then, select your preferred language in which you are comfortable using the machine.

Step 2: After that, go to the main menu and select the “Registration” option. Enter your 4 digits ATM PIN number.

Step 3: On the next screen, the option for “Mobile Number Registration” will appear. Select “Mobile Number Registration”. Now, from the displayed two options, choose “Change Mobile Number”.

Step 4: After that, enter your New Mobile Number and press ‘confirm’. After confirming your new mobile number, you will receive a confirmation message on your mobile.

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Hence, you can update your mobile number in South Indian Bank through the above two ways as per convenience.


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