How to Close Punjab National Bank Account

Punjab National Bank is the second oldest and largest bank in India with net banking and smart facilities. PNB has its head office in Dwarka, New Delhi. It is the first bank managed totally by the Indians and established on 12th April 1895. Over the past 126 years, nine banks have merged with PNB. People open their bank account in PNB for the best service and the advanced facilities that help handle the bank account.

Punjab National Bank has some minimum balance to keep in your bank savings account. For the rural area, the minimum balance required of Rs- 500, the semi-urban area minimum balance rate is Rs- 1000, the urban area minimum balance rate is Rs- 2000, and the metropolitan area minimum balance rate is also Rs- 2000. If you have more than one account with PNB and you are tired of maintaining the minimum balance rate with your account, you should close the unused bank account for future unhealthy circumstances.

Other than that, people want to close their bank account if they don’t get appropriate services from the bank staff. City or job changing is also can be one of the reasons to close the PNB account. Punjab National Bank has 10641 domestic branches and 2 international branches across the globe. PNB has 13690 ATMs and 12518 business Correspondents.

Here, one of the reasons to close the salary account can be a salary account can turn into a usual savings account after few months if the salary is not crediting anymore. Therefore, the salary account will charge the minimum balance rate to maintain the bank account, which is impossible for people. It can cut a penalty charge for not continuing the bank account minimum balance rate.
A bank account close is a must because a person can’t open a new account in the same bank with the same documents.

First, you need to know there is no other way to close your bank account in PNB online. Only you can complete the processing by visiting the bank branch. There we have some simple steps for you to follow to close your Punjab National Bank account.

Punjab National Bank Account Closure Steps

Banks are so much necessary for every person in today’s world to save our hard-earned money. In that case, no one wants to close their bank account. But as we discussed earlier, if you have any crucial reason to close your Punjab National Bank account, here are the steps below.

Step 1: At first, you need to go to the Punjab National Bank home branch, where you opened the account, and ask for the bank account closure form from the bank staff. Go through the form properly before start fill up the form.

Note: Carry the original documents that you used to open the bank account with you and one photocopy of them in case of need. Keep the bank account documents like passbook, checkbook, and ATM with you.

Step 2:: Fill the form carefully with the details that the closure form requires, like bank account number, bank account holder name, branch name, date, bank name, and IFSC Code. Be careful with the spelling and overwriting.

close pnb account

Step 3: If you have any amount left in your PNB bank account, you need to transfer the amount to another bank account. Therefore, select the method you want to transfer your money to another bank account.

Step 4: Put the address proof details in the right place of the form. Carry Aadhar Card or Voter Card with you. If you have a KYC application form, attach that with the closure form.

Sign your signature that you use for your banking work, and don’t overdo it.

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Every single step that you need to close your bank account we cover here for you. If the bank manager wants to know the reason behind your bank account close, you have to give a valid reason. Before giving the closure form to the bank staff, check it properly if any issues are found.

It will take 2-3 bank days to complete the closing process, so be patient about it. Once the process is completed, you will get notified accordingly by the Punjab National Bank. For more Punjab National Bank-related inquiry stay connected with us.

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