5 Ways to Trace ATM Withdrawal Location By ATM code

Nowadays, it is so easy to make a good deal of transactions with a swipe of a finger. Well, thanks to the cashless transaction facilities provided by the banks. Owing to the busy schedule, it becomes impossible to remember each transaction and keep a track of it. Occasionally, when we try to recall an important transaction from a particular month or a particular date we get quite puzzled.

Moreover, how much we boast about cashless transactions but, the fact is that at times we do feel a need to have some cash handy at our disposal. This is where the ATM facility comes into the picture and if you are looking for ways to trace ATM withdrawal location, these ways can help throw some light.

Ways to Trace ATM Withdrawal Location

1. Tracing ATM Location by Using ATM ID

Everybody is well aware that each branch of the bank is associated somewhere with a certain amount of ATMs in their nearby locations. These locations are always marked with particular ATM IDs, which helps in tracing the bank, branch, or location of the ATMs. Despite these facilities, one needs to have a transaction slip for a receipt from the ATM that is received while making a withdrawal at the ATM.

For tracing the last month’s transaction, it’s quite impossible to find a note of the slip or the printed content which often gets removed with time, because of improper filing. Thus, this way to trace an ATM withdrawal location cannot always prove useful.

atm id

However, if the person is very particular about the printed sleep then, they can easily find the ATM ID on the right corner of the slip on the topmost portion. Here in the city name is mentioned clearly, and forgetting the intricate details about the branch or the location, the person needs to call the customer care of the bank or just needs to visit the branch location physically to get more information. This same ID, mentioned on the sleep also helps in identifying the withdrawal location for the user as well.

2. Tracing ATM withdrawal by Internet banking:

Nowadays, banks are providing internet banking facilities to their users to make the most of them. In the case of being a frequent user, banks also provide a facility of generating statements at the will of the user, to have the mini statements which are always available on the smartphones through particular banking applications.

This can be considered as the most convenient and easiest way to get a trace of the ATM withdrawal locations. In addition to this, there is no involvement of paper thereby reducing wastage, which happens by availing the ATM transaction slip.

know atm location online

The user just needs to hop on to the application provided by the bank for the net banking website and can easily access the bank account statement of the desirable dates. In case the user is a frequent Traveller and often forgets the ATM transactions they can also trace the location of withdrawals by taking a screenshot of the statement. This information helps in tracking the bank, branch, and location by reaching out to customer care.

3. Using SMS banking facility

One of the most convenient ways is instant SMS when it comes to tracing ATM transactions. These SMS are often available as soon as the withdrawal is done. Most of the banks allow their customers to trace the ATM by using the ATM ID written in their message box. They also offer a general location in addition to some shortcodes of ATMs used for the particular location. For example, it is often seen that Dwarka is written as DWRK.

However, every Bank may not necessarily offer the information in the text format. Therefore, sometimes it is better to cross-check this information with customer care to ensure that the received ATM ID is a shortcode in the transactional SMS.

4. Tracing ATM with Customer care

Not everyone is tech-savvy so they prefer calling the bank customer care which can be considered as the most non-Tech way of tracking the ATM withdrawal location. For availing of the service the user just needs to reach out to their particular Bank’s website, and thereafter contact the customer care of that particular City.

The user just needs to validate the account by answering a few customer care questions and letting them know the date and time of the transaction and the job is done. This process may sound the quickest way available to discover the transaction location, but, this may take up to 15 to 30 minutes depending upon the busy schedule of the bank customer care.

5. Visiting the bank’s branch

This is the last option available for the user and it can be considered as the least favorite too. It is quite hard to take out spare time from the busy schedule to look into banking matters. However, if you are somebody who is having time at hand, and does not mind waiting for an hour or more, then the ATM location can be traced easily by the banking staff available at the branch.

This facility is easily available at a few private banks. Their staff is very keen on helping out their customers, considering the value of their time. On the other hand, a few nationalized banks may take a lot of time in providing the same information to the user. it all depends upon the local branch available to the user.


Everyone loves variety; be it in life or solutions provided to the problems. The ways listed above can be applied for tracing the ATM withdrawal location. If you are in a hurry or having spare time, whether the bank branch is nearby your location or not, etc. all such factors also play a major role in making a decision. The user can apply one or more methods as per convenience. After all, it depends upon the user to avail the method most suitable for the purpose.

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  1. is it possible to track people on the ATM video, that have blackmailed you into paying them via e-wallet if you have the cell number it was paid to?

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