How to Open SBI Credit Card Statement PDF Password

Online medium is proving to be a rescue to bring ease to the already busy schedule of humans. Daily routine works are being shifted all the more with the use of the latest technology. Be it education or finance, anything can be easily accessed from anywhere. Any important information is just a click away; be it computer or mobiles.

With the introduction of individual banking applications, it is very easy to access information related to accounts. Customers can easily shift their mode of operations online by using these applications from time to time. Making payments, transfer of funds, or getting information about the accounts, all can be done easily at the convenience and comfort of the users. One of such many services is the SBI credit card statement viewing facility.

What Is The SBI Credit Card Statement Password?

SBI avails its precious customers of a variety of credit cards. Each time after the bill is generated; SBI sends an email every month. The card statement of SBI is password protected and to open the e-statement this password is utilized. SBI has a specific set of formats for its password to open the PDF file of the credit card statement. This needs to be entered correctly to obtain the statement.

How to Open the Latest Format Of SBI Credit Card Statement Password?

With the invention of technology, SBI has also advanced its ways to maintain user’s secrecy. It is also important because, with the increasing number of frauds occurring with the users, the banks must show some alertness. This is why SBI credit card password provides its users with safety and security. It also restricts any anonymous user to avail the user’s credit card statement, to get an idea of his expenditure history.

The first 8 characters of the password are formed by utilizing the date of birth of the user in the DDMMYYYY format, and the last four numbers of the SBI credit card form the last 4 characters. The user needs to bring these together to obtain the 12 character password.

SBI Credit Card Statement PDF Password

For example, if the user’s date of birth is 2nd May 1981, and the last four digits of his SBI credit card are 4321 then his password to open the SBI credit card statement will be in the format of 020519814321. This will be the password to get the details of the credit card statement.

How to Open the Old Format Of The SBI Credit Card Statement Password?

In case you have been using SBI’s credit card facility for ages then there is an older way to open SBI credit card statements too. Earlier, SBI used a format of 16 digit primary card numbers as the password for opening the credit card statement. As soon as the SBI card statement is obtained in PDF format in the mail it asks for the 16 digits primary card number to be entered as the document password.

With the introduction of the SBI YONO application and SBI net banking website, it is very easy to keep track of all the account details. The PDF format of credit card statements is also available with the utmost ease.

Precautionary Measures to Be Taken While Obtaining The SBI Credit Card Statement Password

There are a few measures that must be taken while obtaining the SBI credit card statement password. These are:

  • Never share the statement with anyone. The password must be removed from the statement before sharing it with someone else.
  • SBI suggests downloading the statement from the official SBI card website or mobile application of the bank.
  • Never open any suspicious mail, which claims for easy ways to download the SBI credit card statement. SBI never sends mail to ask its users to download their credit card statements.
  • Never share CVV, OTP, or any other details related to the SBI credit card with an anonymous person. If someone calls for such details or sends messages asking for the credit card details, it is better to report or not respond to the call or message.

With the introduction of technology, it is evident that life has become convenient. However, with negligence, these advantages can make anyone pay a hefty sum on account of being careless. Thus, it is better to make good use of technology to save time and effort but, precautions, as advised by the banking authorities, must also be kept in mind to avoid any fraud.

With an increasing number of cases of people falling victims at the hands of hackers, banks are increasing their security too. It is making its users aware to make the right use of the services offered and from time to time they also remind them to avoid leaving any trace of important information related to their bank accounts. With these advancements and steps taken by the banking authorities, there is always a scope of experiencing a better banking system.

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