How To Use Pre Printed KIT Number (PPK) For SBI Internet Banking

State Bank of India (SBI) is a public bank that follows the standards introduced by the Reserve Bank of India. The bank has been conveying plentifully helpful services and facilities to its clients in the public finance area. Having an account in an SBI implies getting a charge out of a lot of services and offers that are offered by them.

Having an account in SBI implies that you will have the option to get to the huge number of offers and facilities. One such component gave by the State Bank of India is that of the KIT or PPK.

What is a PPK KIT?

When you apply for SBI internet banking, you will be provided Pre Printed Kit. The Pre Printed Kit contains a unique Kit number that gets mapped with your account number for the bank’s reference.

The Pre Printed Kit number is printed on the kit you receive from the bank after requesting Internet Banking Services. Inside the Pre Printed Kit, You will be provided with a temporary username and password to access SBI Internet Banking.

How to Get the Pre Printed KIT Number?

You will get the Kit number printed on the kit. You can collect the kit as well as the kit number from the bank after successful processing of your approach for accessing Internet Banking facilities.

If you opened a new account with SBI, you could find the welcome kit’s kit number. If you request Internet Banking service activation for an existing account with SBI, you need to collect the kit and kit number from the branch or send it to your postal address.

sbi kit number

How to Login SBI internet banking using Pre Printed KIT?

An alert message on the Login page advises you to use the credentials in the pre-printed Kit to login to Internet Banking.

Step 1: Visit the SBI net banking login page and log in to your account using a temporary username and password provided inside a KIT. Next, follow the Alert Message instructions.

Step 2: On the Next Page, you are requested to generate a permanent username. of your choice. Enter a username of your choice and kit number from the PPK kit. Click the Submit button.

kit number sbi


Step 3: Create a login password and Re-enter the password to confirm. Click Submit.

login password using kit number

Step 4: On the last page, create a profile password, hint question, and fill in other necessary personal details. Then, click the Submit button.

profile password using kit number

What to do is the Pre Printed kit number is lost?

If you lost the Pre Printed Kit number on the off chance, you could acquire it again very easily. To get the kit number, you need to visit the bank and request them to give you another kit. The Username and Password for Internet Banking services stay the same as imprinted in the old unit.

You need to get the old Pre Printed kit number from the bank desk officials as you will need it while you sign in the first time. You needn’t bother with the new kit number gave by the bank upon your request.

You may require the Kit number for getting to SBI’s Internet Banking services. Make a point to note down the PPK number and protect it securely for future references.


The State Bank of India is one of the finest banks available in India. The bank is known for the large number of services and facilities it provides. One such feature of the SBI is the use of the Pre Printed KIT number.

KIT is an essential number needed by any person interested in using the internet banking services of SBI. Here we talked in detail about everything that one needs to know about Pre Printed Kit.

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