How To Find Tan Number Of SBI Bank Online

State Bank of India (SBI) is a national bank that follows the norms presented by the Reserve Bank of India. The bank has been delivering abundantly convenient services and facilities to its customers in the public banking sector. Having an account in an SBI means enjoying a lot of facilities and services offered by them.

Having an account in SBI means that you will be able to access the large number of facilities and services that they offer. One such feature provided by the State Bank of India is that of the TAN number.

What is the Tan Number of SBI Bank?

TAN can be characterized as the Tax Deduction and Collection Account Number. It is fundamentally a ten-digit number that comprises letters in order just as certain numerals.

The individuals who wind up being responsible for deducting or gathering the expense at some source need to have the TAN with them. The clients quote their TAN in the TCS and TDS return, authentications, installments, Annual Information returns, and some other fundamental records.

Those individuals who have their charges deducted or gathered at the source need to acquire their TAN number from SBI; else, they need to pay a specific penalty. It is also essential to note that it won’t be acknowledged whether you put your own PAN number in the specific field that requires the TAN number.

That is because both the numbers here have various capacities that individuals need to realize. The TAN no is fundamentally utilized for one-of-a-kind distinguishing proof and is solely for individuals who have charge assortment or derivation angles. Notwithstanding, the PAN number is given to the people just as the organizations do.

How to Get the SBI TAN number?

Getting the TAN number is pretty simple for a person who holds an account in India’s State Bank. This section will give a clear idea about the steps that one needs to take for receiving the tan number from SBI.

Step 1: First visit the Income-tax Department, Government of India Official site and click on the ‘know your TAN | AO‘ link.

know your tan online

Step 2: Then select tan search by name, the first option in the category, State that belongs in the SBI branch, type State Bank of India in the Name field, enter your own mobile number, and click the ‘Continue‘ button.

know sbi tan number

Step 3: Now 6 Digit mobile PIN will be sent to your mobile number by the Income-tax Department. Enter the mobile PIN and click the Validate Button.

validate details for tan

Step 4: Now you will get a list of SBI branches for your State Bank. To know the Tan number, click on the branch name of your choice.

choose sbi branch for tan number

Step 5: Finally, TAN no for your SBI branch, and many other details will be displayed on the screen.

sbi tan number for your branch


The State Bank of India is one of the finest banks available in India. The bank is known for the large number of services and facilities it provides. One such facility is the TAN number. Here in this article, we talked about what the Tan number is and how to get it.

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