How to Get Passport Book Number in Indian Passport

If you are here to find a solution for your passport book number, you must have traveled abroad and have a passport. A passport is necessary when people often travel abroad for business trips or other purposes. Every country has different passport rules for the citizens to acquire a rhythm of maintaining passenger details.

The passport is evidence of a traveler who can travel abroad or any place by air with the proper permission of the government. It will carry your personal details that the airport ground staff of the country you are visiting will check to confirm your authority to travel to the foreign country is legit or not.

People need to understand the necessity of having a passport is highly required when traveling to a foreign country without any hassle. The airport authorities will confirm your authorization of getting into the airplane. Therefore, people nowadays have the urge to get their passports made. Here, you are obliged to submit all the verified documents to the passport office to apply for a Passport.

At first, a form for passport application needs to be filled up and submitted to the office directly. It’s a long-gone process to follow thoroughly at the office itself, and the passport office hands will direct you accordingly. It will take 3-4 weeks or a month to complete the entire process and send you your official passport.

Definition of Passport Book Number

The most important part of a passport book is the passport book number. It is very much essential to know about the passport book number because it may vary for the traveling purpose in the passenger transport industry. This passport book number is also habitually known as Inventory Control Number.

The government provides every individual with a unique passport book number at the time of passport application. In the Airline industry, inventory means the availability of seats one passenger can have till the destination for service-based classes. Most people get confused with the Passport Book Number and the Passport Number on the upper right side inside the Passport book itself. Both are completely different, and their uses are as well.

Passport Book Number in Indian Passport

Passport Book Number in Indian Passport

Honestly, You can not find the Passport Book Number in Indian Passport, as it’s not provided in it yet, and no one’s aware of this fact till now. That’s why if you try to find the Passport Book Number in your Indian passport, you’re not going to find it.

Thus, at the time of the passport application, while you are filling up the DS-160 form, you need to choose the “Does Not Apply” option. This form comes with many mandatory fields that need to be filled, and some come with the “Does Not Apply” options. If any question in the DS-160 form shows the option Does Not Apply to your means, you don’t have to give the information.

The Passport Book Number will be unique that differs according to people while having a passport. This only thing indicates whether you’re able to get the available seat for yourself or not. The Airline industry is quite impressively focusing on this fact of not being able to find the Passport Book Number issue.

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