How to Register/Change Mobile Number in KVB Bank Online

Forget the days of standing in long queues amidst the tedious discomfort, just to get a bank formality done. Get pleasure from the convenience of change Contact Details via NetBanking Online updating is a facility that is although common in other nations, is still not readily available in India.

While we have been acquainted with the methods of changing the mobile numbers in international banks, let us know now if the process is similar for national banks as well. So, we get to the question as to How to Update your Registered Mobile number in Karur Vysya Bank?

We must know the registered mobile number to your bank account really is an important factor in online banking, as it is that number from where all your transactions, from the smallest to the largest, take place. If you are a Karur Vysya Bank account holder, here are the steps by which you can successfully change your registered mobile number at your convenience.

1. Register/Change Mobile Number in Karur Vysya Bank offline

Step 1: Firstly, you must approach the home branch of Karur Vysya Bank wherever you maintain your account. You are requested to visit the KVB Bank Home Branch together with necessary documents like a copy of your Proof of Address like the latest account, Aadhaar Card, and Passport.

Step 2: Secondly, you must opt for a KYC Details change form. To do this, you will have to meet the manager or bank govt and acquire KYC Details to change your registered mobile number.
Thirdly, please fill in the KYC Details form without any error.

Step 3:  Here, mention your bank details like account number, name of the account holder name, account number, etc. Thereafter, you may have to tick or mention the small print that you would like to alter, for instance, the mobile number. Thereafter, write your new Mobile number within the space for it. Correspondingly, enter your Signature where needed.

Now, please submit KYC Details change form together with the necessary documents as mentioned above, for proof that your new mobile number is correct. Submit the filled-up KYC Details change form along with your Proof of Address (if asked for) to the Karur Vysya Bank branch.

Thereafter, acknowledge your request. Karur Vysya Bank has the full authority to verify your signature and alternative details. Then, post due validation, Karur Vysya Bank can amend your registered mobile number in your account and within their bank records.

Thereafter, a confirmation message will be sent by Karur Vysya Bank via SMS on your new mobile number or email regarding dynamical your registered Mobile number in your account within 24 hours.

In case, you do not receive confirmation, you can contact your branch and make sure if the changes square measure processed. That does it. In this way, you can successfully update your mobile number in KVB Bank.

Register or Change Mobile Number in KVB Bank Online

2. Register/Change Mobile Number in Karur Vysya Bank online

However, Karur Vysya Bank thankfully has an online updating facility. It has a very quick and convenient facility to help you update your registered mobile number and other details, at ease!

Here are the steps you need to follow:-

  • Visit the internet banking service portal.
  • Correspondingly, please fill in your login ID along with your password.
  • Once you have done this, via the portal, you shall get redirected to the Karur Vysya Bank homepage.
  • Subsequently, now you have to click on the profile link.
  • Thereafter, please pick the option of ‘Update Profile‘.
  • Next click on Change mobile number.
  • Good to go, please enter your new mobile Number, save, and enjoy!
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Helpline Number (Outside India) +91 4466217600


So, you can use both online or offline methods to update your new mobile in KVB bank. I Hope, you have successfully updated your mobile number using the methods mentioned above.

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