How to Close Your Bandhan Bank Account?

Banks provide us with the necessary security of our hard-earned savings. This is the reason we opt for opening a bank account in a popular bank. However, under some unavoidable circumstances at times it becomes necessary to close down a particular account. Nowadays, online operations have become a common phenomenon across all banks. Thus, under normal circumstances, no one opts for closing the account.

There may be several reasons like unsatisfactory services from the bank officials, improper online services, problems in managing multiple bank accounts, higher charges or fees levied by the bank, etc.

Steps to Close Bandhan Bank Account

Following are the steps to close Bandhan Bank Account:

1. Filling up the form for Account closure of the Bank

As soon as the customer decides that he can go for permanent closure of his account with the bank he needs to visit the said branch. Thereafter, an account closure form is to be filled. In case you already have a downloaded form you can take its printout and fill it beforehand. Then after signing the form it needs to be submitted to the manager or officer in charge. In case there are any joint holders of the account they all need to sign the account closure form.

2. Attaching of KYC Documents

After signing the form and submitting it to the concerned authority the account holder must attach a copy of KYC documents. This may include a copy of any identity proof like a driving license, or PAN card. It must also contain an address proof as a Ration card or adhaar card. Then the account holder must self-attest to the documents.

Close Bandhan Bank Account

3. Submission of Passbook, Balance cheque Leaves, and Debit/Credit Card:

After attaching the concerned KYC documents the account holder needs to surrender the passbook, the balance leaves of the checkbook issued by the bank along with any debit or credit card. Thereafter, as soon as these belongings are surrendered the account closure form goes for further processing.

4. Withdrawal of Balance Amount:

As soon as all the documents and belongings surrendered by the account holder are submitted these are verified by the banking authorities. In case they all are correct then the account holder is allowed for the withdrawal of the amount from the bank. The account holder can either get the amount in the form of a cheque issued in his name and can get it deposited in another bank account, or the form of DD or in the form of cash whichever he may find suitable for the transaction.

However, in case any penalty charges are levied on the account and they have not been paid then the account holder is liable t pay the charges and receive the balance amount from the bank. As soon as the procedure for the account closure is completed the user receives an email or an SMS on the registered email ID or mobile number.

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Thus, it is pretty simple to get your account close with Bandhan Bank. The user just needs to complete a few formalities and his work is done within very little time. However, there is still no process of closing a particular bank account online.

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