How To Get Axis Bank Statement Password

You cannot trust anyone with bank-related information, go to a professional or someone who works at the bank. There are numerous articles and videos online that can help you with bank-related quarries as well.

In this article today we will tell you about how one can open the bank statement of Axis bank sent to your email that required a security password. If you have a bank account with Axis bank and have already updated your email, then in this case every month you receive an account statement of your transaction in the form of a PDF.

Now while opening this PDF you have asked to enter a password that you never set. This is a security password set by the bank itself to maintain the sanity of your personal information related to the bank account and prevent it from hacking.

In this article, we will explain each step in detail which will guide you to know your Axis Bank Statement PDF password of the bank transaction statement.

Steps To Get Password For Axis Bank Statement

  • When you receive an email from your bank that contains an account statement of your transactions. You also get to know about the password.
  • In the email itself, it is written like ‘the password to open the PDF is the first four letters of your name in capital letters and your 9 digit customer ID’. This is the password you need to enter in the password to see your statement.
  • So supposed your name is Shreya Kumari and your customer ID is 987654321. So after downloading the statement PDF you have to enter the password format “SHRE987654321“. This is the correct format for entering your password.
  • Now click ‘open‘. If you have entered the right details then with no difficulties you will be able to see your transactions.

Axis Bank Statement PDF Password

Some Interesting Facts About Axis Bank

  • Axis Bank is an Indian multinational financial services company. Its headquarters is in Mumbai, Maharashtra and the registered office is in Ahmedabad.
  • The bank was founded in 1993 as a UTI and later changed its name in 2007 to an Axis Bank.
  • The current CEO of Axis Bank is Mr. Amitabh Chaudhary whereas the first CEO was Mrs. Rekha Sharma. The chairman of Axis Bank is Shri Rakesh Makhija.
  • Axis Bank has 45,000 Bank branches, 1,259 ATMs, and a presence in 7 countries.


This is how one can easily open the PDF password of the transaction statement of Axis Bank without even needing to visit the bank. Hopefully, you have found the article helpful and the instructions easy. What do you think about these interesting facts we told you about Axis Bank? Did you know them before reading this article?


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